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unique interfaces... smart experiences... powerful web apps...

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We're a small, full service web & creative agency in Austin, Texas

Where we can help out...

UI/UX Design

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We design...

sleek, simple interfaces & user experiences that will leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Flowcharts & user-friendly prototypes & wireframes are the first steps to making a great product for the web.

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We Big Picture...

brand strategies for start-ups to help distinguish your company from your competitors through viral video & social media marketing campaigns.


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We Build...

websites using the latest in standards compliant css3, html5 & jquery...with Ruby on Rails & Expression Engine as our back end, server-side frameworks of choice.

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About the Barton Arms...

The Barton Arms Creative is a small web consulting agency & the professional site of Ben Barton...ERP consultant by day, start up consultant by night. I got my start in tech start-ups working as Creative Director for a social travel startup in Philadelphia, and I've been focused on learning both UI/UX Design and front & back-end development ever since. I work with several great design & development specialists that I've met over the years, so if there are certain services or technologies you don't see listed on this site, don't hesitate to ask if its something we can do.

I typically tend to stick to the following principles & methodologies when taking on contract work...

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Less is More

Smart, simple user interfaces, experiences & applications go a long way in helping an idea reach proof of concept earlier. Doing less often means getting your start up to focus its efforts on doing certain things better. Finding ways to simplify is one of my primary goals as a developer/designer.

Founder Mentality

As a former start-up co-founder originating from a non-technical background, I know the struggle that non-technical managers can face in finding & interacting with developers & designers. Our clients are looking for a member of the team rather than a clock-in, clock-out developer.


Agile software development is essentially nerd speak for delivering work continuously, getting feedback/approval on that work early and often, and then acting on it. I typically like to work in short sprints followed by quick scrum meetings to make sure things stay on the right track.

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