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The Barton Arms Creative

I initially built my professional portfolio & blog site using ExpressionEngine - a content management system from the folks over at Ellis Lab ( EE is a great platform for generating regular content. As I learned a bit more ruby on rails, however, I decided I wanted a bit more flexibility. (Fortunately, I got busy with my full time job and never really updated the site redesigning the site in a new language wasn't a big deal).

This new site would be re-built from scratch in ruby on rails with the following focuses:

  • Deployment with Heroku & Amazon S3
  • Paying more attention to responsive styling for mobile devices
  • The much neglected personal blog

I basically felt that I had learned enough RoR by this time to allow me to change or add features on the fly & continue learning along the way.

Services Provided

Back-end Code, Front-end Code, User Interface Design, User Experience Design

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